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The Week in Pictures, 3/2/11
March 3, 2011, 2:55 am
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Every Thursday, I will be posting a new series called the Week in Pictures, featuring pictures that I have taken of different things in Dalian. I stole the idea from the New York Times. Enjoy!

Even though Christmas has long passed, you can still see a scripted “Merry Christmas” in the window. These kind of homages to Christmas are quite common in Dalian, and are usually accompanied with tacky Christmas decorations. Except for the Chinese characters, this picture reminds me of what a typical Brooklyn diner looks like around Christmas time. (By the way, we order take out from this restaurant. In Chinese. Yeah!)

A room in a tea house. Pam and I came here to study Chinese. A pot of tea is 50 yuan and comes with a hot water canister. The table can also be used as a mahjong table.

A football field near a power plant and a steel mill. The banner above says, “Fight on, China” or “Go, China”

A stream of garbage I pass on my way to work. Around this area, you can often see stray dogs rummaging for food.

Three of my favorite students! They’ve just finished reviewing for their exam and, since there were only three students that day, we decided to let them play Life. From left to right – Sophia, Kitty and Leo.


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allison. you rock. keep the pix coming. you’re funny. and dare i say, erudite? you’ve got a good eye. thanks for sharing.

susie, the grammar floozie


Comment by susie sullivan

Thanks for the encouragement Ms. Floozie! How are you these days? Hope your daughter is doing well!


Comment by altogo

Love this, especially Sophia, Kitty, and Leo!!! Mama concurs. How is the tea? Picturing you and Pam studying… Of the take-out, I’ll just assume that it lives up to its geographic location.


Comment by Jessica

Thanks for the post! THe tea is all right, I’m really not a tea-drinker to be honest, except black tea. The take out is pretty…take out-ish; different dishes, same amount of grease and cornstarch 😉


Comment by altogo

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